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Morris Minor

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Ford Escort Mark I
Produktion 1968–1974
Egenvægt 767kg

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Ford Escort Mark II
Produktion 1974–1980
Egenvægt 880kg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_04.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_05.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Ford_Escort_MK2_06.jpg


Mazda MX51998

2005 Model NB

Vægt 1000 Kg

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1990 – 1997 Model NA
Vægt 950 kg

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Motor valg

Nissan SR20DET (S14) 300 HK med hævet tryk

Honda F20S (S2000) 240HK standard eller 400-500HK med turbo

Hvad kan man få af baghjulstrukkne motorer og gearkasser

Nissan SR20DE / DET
Standard 5 eller 6 trins gearkasse

EBay                        10.000 komplet     

Laver nemt og billigt 300-350 HK nem at få fat i. Lidt klam motor med. Nem installation med ECU, instrument

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\SR20_01.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\SR20_02.jpg

Nissan CA18DE / DET
Standard 5 trins gearkasse

eBay                       6.000komplet

Laver 200-250 HK og ikke meget mere, det er ved at være en sjælden motor. Nem installation med ECU, instrument

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\CA18_01.jpg

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Honda F20C
Standard 6 trins gearkasse

eBay                      25.000

Lækker motor, laver nemt 500-600 HK, dog en sjælden motor. Kræver ny motorstyring

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Toyota 4AGE / AGEZ
Standard AE86 5 trins gearkasse
Aftermarket W55 supra gearkasse

eBay                        0.000


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\4AGE_01.jpg


Toyota 3SGE / GTE
Med 1S/2S bellhouse kan en W55 supra bruges

eBay                    0.000 Motor


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\3SGTE_01.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\3SGTE_02.jpg

Standard 6 trins gearkasse

eBay                      10.000 Komplet

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\3SGE-BEAMS_01.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\3SGE-BEAMS_02.jpg

Toyota 2JZGE / GTE
Standard V160 6 trins gearkasse
Standard R154 5 trins gearkasse
Standard W58 5 trins gearkasse
Standard A340 auto gearkasse

eBay                 35.000 Komplet 2JZ + V160
eBay                 12.000 Motor
eBay                 12.000 Gearkasse V160
eBay                 12.000 Gearkasse R154
eBay                   5.000 Gearkasse W58

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Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\2JZ_01.jpg

Mitsubishi 4G63

eBay                 12.000 Motor laver bellhouse til

 - T56 six speed Tremac
 - R154 Toyota gearkasse
 - W58 Toyota gearkasse

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\4G63_01.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\4G63_02.jpg

Honda K20A & K24

eBay                 20.000 Motor

Motoren er for dyr, så kan man lige så godt tage en F20C


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\K20A_01.jpg

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Ford Duratec (Focus, Mondeo, 1.8, 2.0 og 2.3)
Bellhouse til Ford type 9 gearkasse

eBay                 5.000 Motor
eBay                 2.500 Gearkasse

This is the latest exciting power unit to come from Ford and looks very much like the Zetec - especially when that engine’s badged as such! But there are big differences - the engine has chain-driven cams as opposed to the Zetec’s belt, plus the induction and exhausts are respectively on the opposite sides.

You’ll find this Mazda/Ford designed unit in Mondeos from 2001, plus the current new Focus and Fiesta ST150. Capacities are 1.8, 2 litre plus an American 2.3 litre version, which is available in this country too.

The engine features an alloy block and head plus some clever technology straight from the race track. The crank sits up inside the block and is held in place and braced at the same time, with an aluminium girdle. Oil drain galleries run down the side of the block directing the returning oil away from the crank thus not slowing it down.

The crank is strong but the rods and pistons aren’t necessarily so. They owe their appearance to proper race items but in truth, the ultra-slim skirted pistons are cast rather than forged. The rods are a touch boxy although they’re svelte. The combination though results in a free-revving assembly ideal for controlling emissions - it spins up quickly thus negating the need to use up fuel doing so.

Unlike the Zetec, the head has big ports and very large valves, again adding to its well-breathing/low emissions status.

What this means to us is it doesn’t take much to tune the Duratec to around 200bhp, at which point, you need to switch the rods and pistons to more reliable components. We already stock Forged Accralite pistons and H-section Farndon steel rods for such conversions.

To see increases from standard power however, it is necessary to perform an induction change, preferably to throttle bodies although a manifold is available for DCOE side-draughts. We list the Weber Alpha and Omex throttle body kits as well as Cosworth and Titan throttle body assemblies which should cover most requirements for induction.

The Duratec is currently a very popular choice in kit cars, where it completely transforms the car into a reliable road rocket with the best modern engine combination. In this format though, it needs turning round to rear-wheel drive. Like the components we offer for the Zetec, we also do a full range for this engine too, including re-directing water manifolds, sumps and bellhousings to adapt the engine to a Ford type RWD transmission - in standard form the unit doesn’t comply to the classic Ford bolt pattern.

We can also supply complete Duratecs built by Cosworth on the same assembly line as their Formula 1 race engines. Which kind of speaks for itself in terms of quality! These are available in several levels of tune ranging from a 195bhp full engine to a 300bhp unit.

In addition, the Cosworth range encompasses plenty of parts to get the best from the engine in whatever car it’s fitted to - whether that’s the standard front wheel drive layout, as in the Focus, Fiesta or Mondeo, where a Cosworth d-Power Inlet manifold really makes the best from the standard type induction. Or, you can replace the lot with a roller barrel assembly, suitable for both front and rear wheel drive - it really does depend how much power you want, since there’s loads for the asking.

An enormous Cosworth range is now currently available for this engine, which practically guarantees the power output they quote. With the name to back it all up, you really can’t go wrong.

If you’re looking for a futuristic engine this is it!


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Ford Zetec (Focus 2.0)
Bellhouse til Ford type 9 gearkasse

eBay                 5.000 Motor
eBay                 2.500 Gearkasse

The name Zetec is pretty confusing because it’s now used by Ford as a badge on the back to describe a level of trim. On top of this, there’s a smaller capacity Zetec - described elsewhere - plus, late Zetecs were made to look like the latest Duratecs.
Early, ‘Silver Top’ engines (with an aluminium cam cover) were fitted to Escorts from 1991 onwards, late Fiesta Mk3s and then the Mondeo. These early units were known as Zeta (only becoming Zetec in 1993). The unit evolved into the Black Top unit (with a plastic cam cover) with the Escort phased out and Focus introduction. These later engines have longer rods and lower piston crowns, mechanical rather than hydraulic lifters plus the distinctive black cam cover.

Initially there were 90, 105 and 115bhp 1800cc Escort versions, with 115 and 130bhp 2 litre Mondeo units too. There were also 130bhp RS1800 Fiesta/XR3i variations with revised cams and re-mapped ECU’s. The hottest n/a version was the ST170 with solid lifters, steel rods, waisted valves and variable valve timing (VVT). The motor went on to power the Focus RS but in turbocharged form. Both the ST and RS engines were confusingly re-badged as a Duratec.

As far as tuning goes, it’s simple to bring an 1800 up to RS1800 spec with Ford cams or Kent FZ1802 cams - you would need a 130bhp ECU though, or aftermarket re-mapping. A power boost valve will help eliminate the flat spot between 3,300-3,500rpm.
You can actually use the standard injection combined with a new Weber Alpha kit that works with the OE inlet manifold. Fitments are for the silver top 1800s, and both silver and black top 2.0 engines. Power achieved is, approx 150bhp for a 1.8 130PS and 160bhp for the 2.0. However, these are really the limit of the standard induction and further increases are not possible, unlike their other kits. It has to be said that although these kits have been developed for the kit car market, we do not see any reason why they can’t be fitted to a FWD Zetec engined car. Webcon cannot confirm fitment but like us believe it should work. If you want to go beyond the range of the standard induction though, we can supply a Weber Alpha kit, which replaces the system altogether and is incredibly comprehensive - all is there for you to bolt it straight on, including manifold, linkage, even air filters. On an 1800 130PS engine, you should see 155bhp and 165bhp on a 2 litre.
Either of these two systems will provide enough fuelling for plenty of future modifications. Fit one of our stage 1 heads plus a pair of Kent FZ2002 cams and you should see power around 185bhp. If you want to go beyond this ‘Fast Road’ stage then you’ll need our Stage 2 heads which feature larger inlet valves.
The Kent FZ2003 cams will give you between 200-240bhp depending on stage of head, coupled with 48mm throttle bodies. However, at this stage, you’ll need larger followers machined and installed, otherwise the cam lobe won’t be completely ‘seen’ by the follower. We’d also recommend a capacity increase to 2.1 litres, with an 86mm bore plus our Accralite pistons. The standard crank is very strong but around these levels we’d encourage the switch to steel along with our Farndon H-section rods.

The Zetec E is also a popular swap into a classic Ford usually requiring turning round to rear wheel drive format. We can supply all the parts you need to do this including the water rail manifold, which re-locates the thermostat housing, thus providing bulkhead clearance. In addition, we have access to engine mounts for Mk1 and 2 Escorts, correct orientation sumps, exhausts and everything you need to give your classic, modern 16 valve power.


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Ford Cosworth
Ford type 9 gearkasse
Ford T5 gearkasse

eBay                 25.000 Motor
eBay                   2.500 Type 9 Gearkasse
eBay                   2.500 Type 9 Gearkasse




Lexus 1UZ




Ford Borg Warner T5 Gearbox

Gearkasse fra Ford Mustang og Cosworth, stærk og med løst bellhouse

eBay                   5.000 Gearkasse

5 speed HD Borg Warner box with all alloy casing. One of the strongest boxes fitted to a production European Ford car - it should be since it originated from the American Mustang. 1" x 23 spline input shaft.
Fitted in Ford Sierra / Sapphire Cosworth 2wd
Oil capacity 2.55 litres.
Standard oil grade ATF.


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\Ford-T5_01.jpg

Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\Ford-T5_02.jpg

Ford Type 9 Gearbox

Gearkasse fra Ford Sierra, stærk og med løst bellhouse

eBay                   2.500 Gearkasse

Ford’s first RWD 5 speed box, based on the Type E. Cast iron maincase with alloy tail housing. This gearbox is commonly used for 5 speed conversions on older vehicles. Some later versions were available with integral bellhousings, although they are more commonly found with removable bellhousings. A 4wd version of this box was also available for the early XR4x4 models. 1" x 23 spline input shaft. Fitted in:

  • Ford Capri 1.6 / 2.0 Feb 1983 on
  • Ford Capri 2.8 Nov 1982 on
  • Ford Sierra 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 to Dec 1988
  • Ford Sierra XR4i
  • Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.8


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\sjov_bil_files\Ford-type-9_01.jpg

Toyota R154 gearkasse


This is a 5-speed transmission found in the MKIII Supra Turbo, Toyota Crown, Toyota Chaser Tourer V, Toyota Mark II Tourer V, Toyota Cresta Tourer V, and Toyota Soarer (turbo) up to 2004.


  • First Gear: 3.251:1
  • Second Gear: 1.955:1
  • Third Gear: 1.310:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.753:1



Toyota W50 gearkasse


  • First Gear: 3.587:1
  • Second Gear: 2.022:1
  • Third Gear: 1.384:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.861:1


  • 1982-1983 Carina with AA60 - 3A. /1S/3T-E/2T engine
  • 1982 Corona with 1S engine
  • 1983 Celica with 3T-E/2T-E engine
  • 1984 Corolla with 2A engine
  • 1980-1982 Corolla with 3TC engine
  • 1983-1987 Corolla with 4AC/ 4AGEU/ 3AU/ 4AU engine
  • 1975-1979 Corolla with 2TC engine (shorter shifter on tail shaft in this version)


  • Comes in two varieties: 20 and 22-splines on the output shaft.
  • There are several aftermarket companies, like Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and Quaife, who sell different gears for the T50 transmission.


Toyota W58 gearkasse

It differs from the W57 in its fifth-gear ratio. This transmission is popular as a replacement for weak stock transmissions in other vehicles. It came in two varieties: the original found in the 1982-1989 non-turbo Supras, Celicas and Cressidas of the early 1980s; and the later version found in Mk3, Mk 4 Supras and Lexus SC 300s.

Toyota lists a change from an alloy sandwich plate to a steel sandwich plate around 1989. The steel sandwich plate has some minor internal differences, and it is believed to be slightly stronger (some wider bearings, some wider gears, slightly different gear selection mechanism, etc.). In theory the all-alloy version of the W58 should be exactly the same strength as any other all-alloy W-Series transmission. The steel plate version is considered much harder to find and worth approximately three to five times as much as an all alloy version.

The ratios and bolt patterns remain the same regardless of the sandwich plate used.

The W58 & W57 share the highest gearing and closest ratios (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (direct)) of the stock W-Series transmissions.

The ratio shift was accomplished by taking the W55 base ratios and changing the input shaft to intermediate shaft ratio by 7.9%, thus shifting 1, 2, 3 ratios higher by that amount. This also shifted the overdrive 5th gear higher by the same amount creating a wider and taller overdrive ratio.

The W58 is sometimes designated as a "close-ratio transmission"; however, in its stock form it does not meet all the criteria for a close-ratio box.

Toyota engineers have shown favor to the W58 over the rest of the 'W' series by including it in so many models and even building a stronger version for higher powered applications.


  • First Gear: 3.285:1
  • Second Gear: 1.894:1
  • Third Gear: 1.275:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.783:1
  • Reverse: -3.768:1





Hvad vejer de (Kun motor med mindre andet er beskrevet)


Vægt [kg]


BMW S14 318i motor



BMW M44 318i motor


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S14_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S14_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S14_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S14_04.jpg



Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M50B20_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M50B20_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M50B20_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M50B20_04.jpg

BMW M52 uden gearkasse


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M52.jpg

BMW M60B30 og M60B40


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M60B30_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M60B30_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M60B30_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M60B30_04.jpg



 Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M62B44_02.jpg Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M62B44_03.jpg

BMW M62-M5


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S62M5_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S62M5_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S62M5_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\S62M5_04.jpg

BMW 4.5L V12



BMW 5.0 V12 "fully dressed"


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M73B50_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M73B50_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M73B50_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\M73B50_04.jpg

Chevy LT1/LT4



Chevy LS1 - 5.7L


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1_03.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1-GTO_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1-GTO_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1-GTO_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\LS1-GTO_04.jpg

Dodge Viper V10



Fiat Twincam from fiat 128



Ford Germany 2.0-2.8 V6



Ford 289/302 V8



Ford 351 Cleveland


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\351_Cleveland_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\351_Cleveland_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\351_Cleveland_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\351_Cleveland_04.jpg

Ford 5.4 Triton 2 valve


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-2v_01.jpg

Ford 5.4 Triton 3 valve


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-3v_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-3v_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-3v_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-3v_04.jpg

Ford 5.4 Triton 4 valve


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-4v_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-4v_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\Triton-4v_03.jpg

Ford 4.6 SOHC iron block, aluminum heads



Ford 4.6 DOHC aluminum block and heads



Ford Taurus SHO 3.2 V8 390 Taurus SHO V8, no accessories



Ford 2.3 Turbo (Lima/Pinto)



Ford Zetec



Ford Duratec V6 2.5 & 3.0



Ford/Mazda Mondeo V6 60 deg, all aluminum, 4v



Honda F20C (S2000)


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\F20C.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\F20C_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\F20C_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\F20C_04.jpg

Honda K20A2 Integra


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\K20A.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\K20_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\K20_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\K20_03.jpg

Honda B18C6 Integra


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\B18C5.jpg

Honda B18B four 326 1995 Civic



Honda B20B four 318 1997 Civic



Mazda BP 1.8 turbo


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\BP.jpg

Nissan CA18DET


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\CA18DET.jpg

Nissan SR20DET


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\SR20DET.jpg

Nissan RB25DET med gearkasse



Nissan RB26DETT



Nissan RB26DETT med gearkasse



Nissan CA20 FWD belt cam



Nissan Z20 NAPS-Z 2.0



Nissan VG33 3.3L un-dressed



Nissan L series 1.6, 1.8, NAPS-Z



Nissan 3.0 V6 300ZX SOHC



Nissan VQ35DE


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\VQ35.jpg

Nissan VG30DETT


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\VG30DETT.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\VG30DETTx.jpg

Toyota 2JZ-GTE



Toyota 2JZ-GTE med 6 speed gearkasse



Toyota 1.9 VVTi



Toyota 1JZ-GTE



Toyota 1UZ-FE - 4.0L


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\1UZ-FE_04.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\1UZ-FE_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\1UZ-FE_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\1UZ-FE_03.jpg

Toyota 2UZ-FE - 4.7L


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\2UZ-FE_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\2UZ-FE_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\2UZ-FE_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\2UZ-FE_04.jpg

Toyota 3UZ-FE - 4.3L


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\3UZ-FE_01.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\3UZ-FE_02.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\3UZ-FE_03.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\3UZ-FE_04.jpg

Toyota 7M-GTE



Toyota W58 gearkasse 5 speed


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\W58.jpg

Toyota R154 gearkasse 5 speed


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\R154.jpg

Toyota V160 gearkasse 6 speed


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\V160.jpg

Toyota A340E gearkasse Auto


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\A340E.jpg

Toyota A341E gearkasse Auto


Description: C:\Users\Lasse\Documents\HjulSpin\images\sjov_bil\A341E.jpg

Toyota 1G-FE Lexus IS200



Toyota 1G-GTE Supra MK3, Soarer



Toyota 1G-GEU 2.0 L6 355 with oil and coolant (DOHC)



Toyota 1G-GEU 2.0 L6 (DOHC)



Toyota 4M Hemi L6



Toyota V6 (81) '92 Camry iron V6



Toyota V6 3.0L (81) 94 Camry aluminum V6 1MZ-FE



Toyota 4A-GE og T50 gearkasse



Toyota 4A-GE 16v



Toyota T50 gearkasse



Toyota 3S-GTE Celica DOHC 16 valve



Toyota 4M Hemi L6 400



Toyota V6 469 1992 Camry iron V6



Toyota V6 3.0L 401 1994 Camry aluminum V6 1MZ-FE



Toyota 2TC, 2TG, 3TC 262 1971-up, 1.6-1.8 four cyl, 2TG is DOHC



Toyota 1A, 3A, 4A Tercel, MR2, 1984-up Corolla, 1985-up



Toyota 3SG Celica DOHC 16 valve



Toyota 2GR-FE (3.5L)



Toyota 1-2-4GR-FSE



Volvo B20E



Volvo B21F & B23F



Volvo 3.0 L6 DOHC all aluminum